Champion Disability Advocates

Champion Disability Advocates, a solution from Human Arc, is a leader in Social Security disability claims services. Our mission is to help people access monthly cash disability benefits and qualify for Medicare and Medicaid insurance in the shortest possible time. We do this by helping people who cannot work because of medical conditions apply for these benefits. We also help people who have been denied benefits by guiding them through the appeals process, even representing them in court if needed. Our knowledgeable team includes former Disability Determination Service examiners, former Social Security Claims Representatives, and attorneys who specialize in Social Security Disability. We help more than 1,000 people each year get monthly Social Security cash benefits. We can help you, too! Contact us today at 1.877.444.1327.


  • Catherine B. for James B.

    “The process is overwhelming and it is so wonderful to have someone helping. It is very frightening to almost lose a loved one. It is hard to concentrate on paperwork when your loved one needs your constant care.”

  • Dave L.

    “My sister would not have been able to work through the mountains of paperwork without [Champion Disability Advocates].”

  • Joan W.

    “You always kept me well informed and well advised and I was always able to reach you. Appreciate having you in my corner.”

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