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SSI and SSDI Assistance for People in Need

Champion Disability Advocates can lead the way to improved income and health benefits for your patients and clients—all at no cost to your hospital, organization or agency. Each year, we help hundreds of people obtain Social Security disability benefits, including those who have applied and been denied. We’re known for winning tough cases other attorneys have refused.

The path to Social Security Disability income is not easy. The Social Security Administration (SSA) approves only about one-third of all applications. Yet many go it alone without knowing success is more likely with a knowledgeable guide.

Backed by a Team of Disability Specialists and Attorneys

With Champion Disability Advocates, your clients or patients will benefit from the help of caring professionals with extensive experience in disability processes and disability law. In fact, our team is comprised of former Disability Determination Service examiners, former Social Security Claims Representatives and attorneys who will provide complete support by:

  • Screening people for eligibility for Social Security Administration disability income.
  • Supporting those eligible throughout the entire application process.
  • Representing applicants at the appellate level beginning with an administrative appeal all the way through the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals when necessary.

We are paid only after success. The payment, which is government regulated, is only a fraction of the individual’s back award and is sent to us directly from the federal government.

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