SSI/SSDI Income Benefits for Hospital Patients

Champion Disability Advocates provides disability screening and Supplemental Security (SSI) or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) enrollment support for hospital patients who are unable to work due to medical impairments. For providers, this can mean additional Medicaid reimbursement, higher DSH percentages, and even significant cost benefits of 340B status.


  • No Cost to You.
      We receive a fee only after identifying and successfully enrolling patients—and only through the back-award to the patient Any fees we receive are paid directly by the government.
  • Incremental Reimbursement Potential.
      Enrolling a few hundred patients in SSI can lead to millions in reimbursement.
  • Optimal Effectiveness.
      We can provide benefit to all patient groups, including high-volume, low-dollar outpatients. And by using the same disability criteria as the Social Security Administration, we ensure accuracy.
  • Enhanced Patient Loyalty.
      Our holistic, approach to the wellbeing of patients affords maximum goodwill and increases loyalty to you.
  • Zero Capital Investment.
      You make no budget outlays for equipment, personnel, training or expensive software systems.
  • Confidence.
      You can rely on our decades of experience and success in SSI eligibility to deliver maximum results.
  • Assured Regulatory Compliance.
      Our experts are up to date on and compliant with all ARRA, HITECH and HIPAA regulations.

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