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  • Catherine B. for James B.

    “The process is overwhelming and it is so wonderful to have someone helping. It is very frightening to almost lose a loved one. It is hard to concentrate on paperwork when your loved one needs your constant care.”

  • Dave L.

    “My sister would not have been able to work through the mountains of paperwork without [Champion Disability Advocates].”

  • Joan W.

    “You always kept me well informed and well advised and I was always able to reach you. Appreciate having you in my corner.”

  • Philipo N.

    “[Champion Disability Advocates] is very professional and helpful. Keep up your great work.”

  • Jennifer R.

    “Everyone was kind, courteous and very helpful. I would recommend you to family and friends.”

  • Gloria M.

    "The process is confusing. I don't think I could have completed the process and understood the information by myself. Thank you so much for your assistance."

  • Kathryn T.

    “Honestly, I would never have had the ability to file for a disability claim on my own. With [Champion Disability Advocates], the process was made so easy. My representative was comforting, empowering, supportive, thorough and accessible.”

  • Linda S.

    “It was like being in a dark room and not being able to see. But you brought the light and have helped me through the process.”

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